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Stay at home mom jobs

Stay at home mom’s , do you wish you can stay home with baby and make money ? I do,with twins I find that it’s going to cost more for me to go work then to stay home . Everything in double if I don’t find a 7$ daycare am screwed , other day cares I know are 25$ a day x2 50$ a day x5 250$ and then x4 it’s 2000$ a month !!!! Hell no ! Am not rich so I went searching on the web to find jobs I can do while being home with the twins and I made a list !
First , you have sale companies, when you distribute products and get people are you’re team and just make money all together : 

It works, it works is company that exists since 2001 last year the have given 175,000,000$ in bonuses to their distributors . They have products like vitamins , skin care creams,aromatherapy , that crazy wrap thing , energy drinks and much more. All their products are natural and plant based , and some are gluten free ! The cost to join depends on where you are from states is : 99$ and you get a whole kit with products , testers , catalogues and much more , Canada comes up to 133$ this also allows you to have your own website . You can get more info on their website : 


Epicure , epicure is a business based on eating well and healthy. They sale spices, tea, proteins and kitchen accesories . To join it cost 190$ in total and you get 300$ worth of stuff and you can resale to make your money back , in the kit you get a whole bunch of spices ,catalogues, kitchen ware, order slips,samples, a website and more .  When you start you make 25% of your sales after you can hit 50% of your sales, you can also do at home presentation. Epicure exists since 1997 and is still going strong and keeping moms busy and eating well . Guess what everything is purple i LOVE purple ! 


Younique, younique is a beauty company that was founded in 2012. This company is really awesome for beauty products , they are known for their 3D fiber mascara. The cost to join is 99$ and you receive 200$ worth of products sample and a website for life. You start out making 20% commission, when you sell $1,000 you move up to 25%, and if you build a team you make up to 30% plus a percentage of your teams sales! When you sell $250 you’ll get a debit card that has your $50 of commission on it and from then on out you’ll get paid 3 hours after every sale that you make!


Scentsy, scentsy is a company that sells candies, aromatherphy,home decor, room sprays and much more. This company exists since 2004 also . Representatives must purchase the startup kit to participate in this program, and this startup kit costs $99. The cost for this kit is average compared to other starter packages. For Scentsy Inc’s product, consultants receive a 20% commission for each product they sell. 


You can visit : 
So many companies exist i even saw one where you drink wine hummm that can be cool . Tyra banks also has a company , you have jamberry,toccara,avon, Mary kay and much more . You can also start a blog or become a mom that tests products,write a book , start your own business. Their is something for everyone and with dedication and hard work you can make anything happen. I joined epicure and It works, i actually do get extra income which is nice. 

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Breastfeeding and pregnant 

So when I was on my Facebook last week I couldn’t help but notice that a girl had announced her pregnancy . I mean I was happy for her who isn’t but I know she breastfeeds her one year old still . It got me asking myself a lot of questions like is it safe ? How is she going to breastfeed two at once ? So I thought I would do some research since I think it’s interesting to know these things .

So I found that it is perfectly safe to breastfeed while pregnant as long as you eat really well so your unborn baby isn’t deprived of nutrients . So even if you’re finding eating very difficult or having a lot of morning sickness your body will go in overdrive to use all the nutrients possible so you and the baby aren’t deprieved. Once you feel better you will be able to eat a lot of good foods and I mean a lot of it for both of you .

You are going to have too eat for three now so you should be aiming for at least 500-800 extra calories each day ( four servings of protein , and six servings of calcium each day)  don’t forget to drink loads of water , 8 glasses would be enough.

Is it safe?  Breastfeeding while pregnant in most cases will not give you uterine contractions , it should not increase the risk of miscarriage or going into premature labor . Only because the amount of oxytocin normally released when breastfeeding ( oxytocin also stimulates labor ) is not enough to cause the cervix to open prematurely. If you are having a difficult pregnancy or you are at risk for early labor weaning would probably be advisable .

To continue breastfeeding or not while pregnant is you’re decision to make. You might feel more discomfort or may produce less milk , also maybe your child will wean on his or her own because of the change In taste since thecolostrum   comes back .

Either you choose to breastfeed or not it is completely safe to continue doing it as long as your healthy and you are having a risk free pregnancy . 


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Baby,Baby,Baby !


Babies are awesome , when i was pregant i remember being so excited to know baby’s gender , i was waiting on that confirmation to go SHOPPING. May i say i love shopping i mean who dosent when its for baby stuff its always fun. I live in the south shore of montreal near too many stores , thats what my bank account thinks anyways.I wanned to share with you my best stores for shopping for baby .



Carters , i love carters for kids because its affordable and cute, they have a large variety of choices and the cutest outfits . I remember when they told me i was expecting two boys , i was very happy of course but boy clothes is so blah , until i went to carters and saw all the variety of different colors its not just blue red green they have alot of different styles .Their baby pyjamas have integrated hand covers so baby dosent scratch his or her face.

zara also has very nice clothes for babies and toddlers , its maybe a little more pricey but still affordable and very stylish.

Babies r us , also really great good prices alot of sizes and what i prefer mostly Kardashian kids kollection wow . I cant get enough of buying their clothes its so adorable and i find the quality of the material really good its not cheap and thin . Their clothes can be sometimes on the pricey side but if you get them on sale then you can have more for your money. Babies r us are also selling carters now but only a small variety so your better off going to the store itself .


                 photo credit:

Their is also the childrens place wich i find pricey but quality is very good and the clothes are cute too but i dont really like the boy clothes there i find them blah.A good thing about them is that they have premie clothes for really small babies like one of my twins that weighed 4,15 pounds their pyjamas were good for him .


Overall , their’s baby stores for every budget , and every style, its up too you to know what you like and need. Maybe also you will like to buy online from individuals its up to you , whatever you choose, whats important is the love you give to your baby and the joy they bring to you and your family.



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I just recently gave birth to two beautiful non-identical twins, Tyler and Noah, I gave birth at 37 weeks on November 23rd. May I say that this pregnancy was hell, my daughter is 5 and that pregnancy was great, I walked in heels, gained 25 pounds, stayed active daily. My twins had Something else in store for me, at the beginning all I waned to do was sleep, all day!

Should I say that this pregnancy was not planned to start off with, I had just finished taking blood thinners because I had been diagnosed on December 21st with pulmonary embolism. My pulmonary embolisms were due to birth control pills, see the irony of getting pregnant.   when I found out I was pregnant I knew this pregnancy contained risk due to my medical condition, wich meant I had to inject myself every day in the tummy until the end of my pregnancy. when we went to the first ultrasound to see baby for the first time may I say I was happy I was lying down. I remember the lady saying you know theirs two right, my facial expression was priceless apparently because she laughed, I almost fainted.

I gained 34 pounds with them, I weighed 130, at the end of my pregnancy I was at 164 pounds, wich is pretty good for twins. The boring part was if I walked for 10 minutes I would be in pain; I couldn’t stand to long either I would get dizzy or my legs would get really tired. Sleeping in the end was hell, I have a foam mattress my favorite thing in the world, I guess I knew how to princess and the pea felt like only exception I was the pea, a huge pea!

I also got to meet my friend sciatica, for those who know how that feels am sure you can relate, sciatic nerve pain is very common in pregnant women. The pain is sudden and you have problems putting one foot in front of the other and laying down doesn’t always help, for me it was worst. A hot bath helped most of the time but not always, glad that’s over. so at 37 weeks I was having contractions at about 7 pm and went to the hospital at 1 am, I was so stressed I couldn’t stop crying. the thing with twins you never know how things will turn out, meaning that some twins are born at 37 weeks and are fine and others have breathing problems due to immaturity in the lungs because they are not finished developing. every mom wants a healthy baby, I had two to worry about! second thing with twins you give birth in the operating room in case of an emergency   C-section, which is common also if one of the babies is head up instead of head down. Tyler was head down, Noah was head up, at 3 am I was getting an epidural, the anesthesiologist was really nice and patient.


At 6:30 they were breaking my water, that’s when I went from 4 cm dilated to 9 cm in about 45 minutes. I was crying, cause at 24 years old I wanted my mom but she couldn’t be there because when you give birth in the OR only one person can come with you. at 7:30 we were ready in the OR I pushed three or 4 times and Tyler came out , I was desperately waiting for that cry , and he did as soon as he was on me .For Noah,   they broke his water also and the doctor went to get him by his little legs with  her arm and brought him down , I pushed 2-3 times with him and he came out crying also .What a relief two healthy babies , I breast fed both of them at the same time (yes its possible ) but I needed practice ! after 48 hours we were out, I couldn’t wait to be home in my bed that was now so comfy AMEN .


When you tell people your expecting twins most of them say oh-oh double trouble, I would definitely want to rectify that; twins mean double diapers, double cribs, double stroller, double clothes (especially if one is bigger than the other), double car seats, double bibs and the list goes on, most importantly it means double love. A big shout out to parents with twins everyday is a journey, or should a say a double journey spent amongst them.




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