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Hygge is the new “in thing ” in 2017, yet it’s been around for years and people have been practicing it for like EVER and that’s why they are part of the happiest countries in the world ! Can you guess what country I’m talking about ? Denmark! The word hygge is originated by a Norwegian word that means ” well-being” ! 

What is hygge about and why are people talking about it so much ! Hygge is about finding happiness /coziness in the little things you like to do example : sitting by a fire with a bunch of friends or having a dinner with your family . You can’t do those things without lighting a candle see people who practise hygge associate it with lighting , and for that you need the perfect lighting! It’s about creating soothing pool of lights to create the perfect hygge environment , you can buy different small lamps or candles and make the room feel alive . What can you associate hygge with ; parties, candles , fire place , dinner with friends , booze , spa day , book ect Did I say desserts ?!? Yes , money can’t buy happiness but it can buy you a lot of sweets ! Hygge is about feeling cozy , happy , decorate your home feel the hygge , make It so that when you open the door after a long day your happy to be home ! 

By researching online I found a lot of information about hygging and how to do it correctly ! I also bought myself a beautiful book about it where you can find scientifical facts about hygge , recipes and so much more ! You can buy the book here if ever you want to read it ; 

Hope you liked my mini article about hygge , get your Hygge on ! 

Tiffany barba 

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This morning I’m at the hospital god I love coming here ( sarcasm ) !  See I have a small cancer in my lady parts so I’m here to do a biopsy , again !

First of all, that shit is painful as f*** even if the specialist says it doesn’t hurt , she probably read that in the books because totally not true ! They cut a piece of you with a scalpel so you think it wouldn’t hurt at all right ( hahaha) . My appointment was at 9:40 am I arrived 5 minutes late , the secretary makes a funny face because I know she saw that I was late and says to me thankfully you’re not that late the doctor only accepts 15 minutes or else you have to reschedule. Well, I replied to the secretary with a beautiful smirk on my face: that’s funny because you have to wait 45 minutes in her office just to see her ! Her face was priceless, and I thought I was hilarious ( as always ) . Now it’s 10:17 still waiting , can you imagine I know theirs a lot of notes to take and follow ups and stuff when you’re a doctor but it’s always so freakin long . At least it gives me time to write about it , stres about it …. All you can read on the walls is about cancer you know that famous C word no one likes , ya well it’s everywhere ! Way to go for a stress free zone , but I get it we need to be aware of C words and all but I can’t help being stressed about it especially that I have it ! 10:22 still no doctor , maybe I should make her wait since she’s more than 15 minutes late !  So I’m having a beautiful conversation here with my phone , exciting , I’ve thought about the fact that I was hungry like 3 times , then checked Facebook , then stared at the creepy posters of the C word now wondering what’s this lady doing , it’s 10:30 now btw ! I’ve been here for 40 freaking minutes , I feel like I’m torturing myself because I’m waiting for a pain examination. So I’ve been waiting for 40 minutes for pain ! Every time she’s late I feel like giving her shit but I don’t cause I have respect ( unfortunately) ! I’m missing a day at work for this , she clearly isn’t !! This is Quebec’s health care system for you , a couple of pictures for you ! I snap chatted , its now 10:45 folks where’s the doctor , I would have time to die 4 times and be reanimated and still be waiting ! It’s now 11:13 im in my car , going home ! P.s: I cried like a baby shit this hurts ! 


Tiffany barba

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like a freshly planted seed I learn to grow in my enviroment, as a sprout I grow in my world amongs the others, as a child i learn to play, count ,respect love and care for others, as I grow and flower I am beautiful so beautiful, I find love, love like the sun feeds me , my baby sprouts will grow strong and happy i am so devoted to them , as time goes by my sprouts have flowered like me , my leaves arent as pretty and fresh as they used to be but their hanging on , here comes a storm my children made it threw but one of my leaves fell off ,i am weak ,I find myself laying in this bed where people come in and out , I feel exposed , alone,broken,dry,cold is this all their is ,  is this the end, I pray god they be nice to me please don’t hurt me please respect my dignity, my privacy, my children are too busy for me, my love my dear love i will meet you soon my leaves are falling one by one I am weak I am delicat , time is going by so fast , this is not what I wanned for my life , I grew, I shined and like a flower without anymore leaves I died , I am in peace no more worries, I am happy beautiful shinning , dear children,  dear health workers , hopefully you were kind I was just like a dusty old book that no one would dare touch but if you opened to the first page you would of seen am amazing so much storys to tell , so much to share, I am somebody i am important, I loved, I laughed, I cried now am resting up in the sky I love it here …….. I am a fresh new seed and this is my life ❤
wrote this on my first stage a big eye opener for you health workers out there !!!

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2017 ….. 

A new year has started it’s time to be optimistic that things will be great . I usually don’t believe in resolutions because it’s a well known fact that we only make a couple of them happen.

This year , I would love to stop smoking cigarettes , oh gosh do I stink ! I would also love to have more money coming in so I’m going to get a second job ! Just like many of us I have debts unfortunately, therefor I want to learn to manage my money better ! Since the arrival of the twins and my hubby not working for a whole winter we’ve have had a hard time going back up the hill financially. As I’m writing to you I don’t even have a phone line because it’s been cut off for the millionth time ! I work for the school board since October and since they upgraded my position I haven’t had a pay in a month . I have always been in the denial about my financial situation because I can’t come to terms with it . I’m a very optimistic person so I know better days are ahead , but no one knows when , not even me ! At least we have food a roof and clothes and so much love to give . The funny thing is I’m struggling yet I can’t stop myself from helping others , I’ve bought food for a homeless man when I didn’t even have a lot for myself . I have a whole 5 dollar bill to the Salvation Army donation box and to a food bank society because they had helped me in the past and I thought it was my turn to give . I call those karma points every time you do something good for someone you get a point in your karma bank and maybe one day your karma bank will pay back . See some people are happy with just the minimum but I know I can’t I don’t want to give my children less than I had because that wouldn’t make sense to me . Just to clarify I’m not talking about materialistic things because we all know that material isn’t everything ! All that being said , I need to find a second job until I pay everything off , I need to feed my body three meals a day which I don’t . I’m use to not eating because of my past , when I was sixteen I was all by myself in Montreal and I didn’t have money for food so I would eat once a day and that was when I went to work ( I worked at McDonald’s) so if I didn’t work I didn’t eat but I worked 6 days a week so it was ok ! My body is used to that so I don’t really get hungry that much . Anyways , enough about all this sad stuff and let’s move on with the new .

So to finish my resolutions are being more good to my body , financial stability and stop smoking I have three and I think I should be able to follow these !

Happy New Years to all may you have greatness and happiness in your life !
Tiffany barba