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Attention ,bras and money



I became a girl that thought she was the shit , literally , I think my ego could fill up a entire room . Being a girl is already very hard , imagine being a stripper and competing with others it’s all about the looks in a strip club not about your brain! I met one of my best friends in my first year of being a stripper , we have our fare share of stripper stories together. I moved in with her at some point she lived with her grandma , her grandma raised her , a very nice lady she is .  We use to work together from Monday to Saturday we didn’t work on Sunday’s ( laugh) it’s actually a rule sort of for most strippers you don’t work on gods day. I was still with my boyfriend but he had went back to his moms house and I was at my friends house. Me and her we were like partners in crime and every night we would stay up till five am to go have breakfast together and then sleep because we were exhausted . Even though it’s not so glamorous to be a stripper and it’s not something much people talk about I don’t regret a day because it made me learn things and see the world in a different perspective. One time in a strip club I got in a fight with a girl ( another stripper) I think she was maybe 30 years old not sure, I called her a crack head and she got mad because she was a crack user big time. That night after the club she was waiting for me outside with scissors ,she wanned to stab me  my friend had a knife and I kept telling her give it to me, but she wouldn’t she said nothing is going to happen , well when we walked outside she was waiting with the scissors.


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A trip down memory lane 

Just a couple days ago you were non-existent in my brain, you once were but you have been absent for 3 years now. I dont know why but i feel sad , I for the first time mourned our break up . I felt It hard , the thought of that baby angel that we didn’t get to meet haunted  me too . Three years have past , i still remember being scared to be a mom so soon , i pushed you away as if you were nothing. I loved you very much and you were everything to me, you made me laugh and took care of me as if i was the most precious thing on earth. I hurt you bad , last year you reached out , your girlfriend had left you , you said you were nothing without me . I listened to what you had to say but i was with someone new so It didn’t affect me more than that. I feel like am cheating because these past days I think about you alot, I feel like I need to reach out and say sorry for the pain ive caused. Your engaged and so am I , I love him very much , but your on my mind . I see the video of what we had and shared, and It makes me all messed up inside. I have been feeling alone in my relationship lately maybe thats what It is, I dont know . Nostalgia has been my biggest weekness in life, and It just hit me like a ton of bricks. I can’t help but feel terrible and again im sorry .