Free chapbook

Good morning , I decided to gift my followers with a free copy of my chapbook. A lot of tears and pain were put into it. I hope you enjoy and if you have some criticism to give, feel free to do so in a respectful manner as I would do the same for you. … Continue reading Free chapbook

My thirteen life lessons

Hey so I’ve finished writing my chapbook so excited to be able to present it to you all and hopefully help a couple people with it. So here is one page of it. Feel free to comment your impressions. My life lessons Lessons number one , don’t expect things from people , take what they … Continue reading My thirteen life lessons

What does your blood type say about you ?

As I was doing my morning scroll on Facebook, because for me it's like reading the paper . I couldn't help but notice someone who posted about their blood type and how your personality can be affected by it ! First of all , I didn't know their was such a thing and in most … Continue reading What does your blood type say about you ?